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T 250 Plus T-Racer surface cleaner


Surface cleaner for cleaning flat surfaces without splash back. With two rotating flat jet nozzles for a high area performance and an extra handle for vertical surfaces.

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The T 250 T-Racer Plus surface cleaner is ideal for cleaning stone surfaces, e.g. balconies, patios, driveways or paths without splash back. With the additional handle for vertical surfaces, garage doors, facades or walls can also be cleaned easily and conveniently. The surface cleaner has two rotating flat jet nozzles and is suitable for all K 2 to K 7 high-pressure cleaners. Other Kärcher accessories can also be connected to the extension tube.

Features and benefits
  • Easy cleaning of vertical surfaces.
Water Suction -The water suction allows for the use of alternative water sources such as tap water or bucket.
  • Splash-free cleaning.
Two rotating flat jet nozzles
  • Improved cleaning performance.

Technical data

Weight (kg) 1.4
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 710 x 280 x 970
Compatible machines
Application areas
  • Cleaning patios (stone, concrete)
  • Cleaning of (house) facades
  • Cleaning garages
  • Cleans garden gates
  • Cleaning walls/garden walls
  • Cleaning of paths
  • Cleaning driveways
  • Cleaning balconies



Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 710 × 280 × 970 cm