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Mud Buster is a professional range of bike cleaning and maintenance products that has been developed with you, the cyclist, in mind.
The range includes a degreaser and wash, one product that can degrease your chain and wash the rest of your bike safely and quickly. The degreaser and wash comes in various sizes to suit your budget and needs. The range also includes two lubes, an all-weather endurance lube for the serious cyclist and one for extreme wet conditions.
As an agent for Kärcher, the range includes high pressure cleaners and accessories.
You will also see us at some of the largest mountain bike races offering a professional bike wash service. The package includes degreasing your chain, complete foam and bike wash, hand dry and lube. We aim to get you home as quickly as possible and have set up our systems to ensure that you shouldn’t’ have to wait too long to take your clean bike home


Clean Bikes at Ashburton Dullstroom 2017